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The war for talent is still going on.  Organisations that are able to attract, hire, and retain the best talent have a significant strategic advantage over their competitors.  Survey after survey demonstrates that the number one issue inhibiting growth is the lack of qualified talent available. We often hear executives say “talent is our most important asset” or “the heart of our organisation is our people”.  We couldn’t agree more.  Organisations are continually challenged with making every expenditure really count.  The very best organisations know that investing in their talent is the key competitive advantage.

Does your organisation:

Have the core capabilities that you need to achieve your strategy? Have plans and processes in place to attract, engage and retain your best talent?  Have future leaders ready to perform at the next level? Have the best people in the right position? 

Talent management is very complex, which is why all sizes and types of organisations can benefit by turning to experts for guidance.  There are several points in the talent management process where Krownprince Konsulting can work with your organization to help plan, implement, and measure your talent strategy:

Strategic Planning – As you begin your talent management process, we can work with you regarding your overall strategy, the skills needed for success, project plan, and the critical change and communication strategy.

Talent Appraisal – We will work with you to help you understand your current talent assets, recognize the gap between present talent and future needs, and create a viable workforce planning strategy and process.

High Potential Employee Identification, Assessment, and Development – Identifying the “right Stuff” in future leaders is a daunting challenge – and putting them in a position to succeed in dramatically different, high pressure roles is rarely easy.  We can help by working with you to create a program to identify, develop, and track your best and brightest employees.

Succession Planning – Long-term success is built on the future expertise of your people.  Our Career and Succession Planning solutions help you address strategic skill gaps, manage talent pools, find future leaders, plan for their development and identify opportunities for internal mobility.

Krownprince Konsultants are experts at managing human capital, from workforce planning and talent alignment to HR optimization strategies. Our highly seasoned Konsultants bring strategic and tactical competence to every client situation.  Our programs, coaching, techniques and strategies support business objectives, and create processes, tools, and cultures that attract, motivate, engage and retain strong, high-potential talent.

Payroll Management System

Krownprince Konsulting’s Payroll Management system is designed with a view to creating an enabling workplace environment for Organisations to concentrate on their core functions by outsourcing their payroll management function to us. This service incorporates Employee Profiling, Leave Management, Time Management, Payroll, Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increment, HRD Proceudres, Income Tax & Pension Management, and Health Insurance Management.

Outsourcing & Employee Referencing

HR outsourcing is a strategic move to improve the quality and flexibility of an Organisation’s workforce, while improving its ability to accommodate change and stay ahead of market forces. Today, many firms are outsourcing their human resource functions. At Krownprince Konsulting, outsourcing comes with skilled manpower, advanced technology, low HR management costs, the ability to focus on core business competencies, access to specialized manpower at affordable costs, improvement of risk management, increased productivity, precise process management and more.

Krownprince Konsulting offers the most comprehensive and flexible solutions in the industry as we incorporate Employee Reference Checks with our offering. Krownprince Konsulting goes to great lengths to ensure that we verify the records and information provided by new employees.

Facility Management

At Krownprince Konsulting,  a single and fundamental thread runs through all of our consultancy services—maximised performance of our clients’ facilities. Whether we are finding efficiencies in a building’s systems, providing interim management of the daily facilities operations, or helping companies to accommodate more employees in less space, we are always focused on getting the best out of your property and helping you to reach your corporate objectives.

Many organisations recognise that their FM operations aren’t working efficiently, but can’t identify the problems. Experienced in both private and public sectors, our Konsultants can analyse how your facility’s non-core activities are managed and determine the best way to deliver them.

We consider where to best reduce costs, how to improve the quality of services and how to reduce your risk. Most importantly, by increasing certainty in your FM spend, we ensure you’re not just reacting to daily needs, but are able to clearly plan for the future.
 Our facilities management consulting services include:

Strategic reviews

Assessing FM procurement practices and managing procurement processes

Analysing asset portfolios, providing strategic asset management and planning

Advising on risk exposure

Helping to implement new FM systems and processes to improve service

Improving the sustainability of your operations

Utilities consumption monitoring, analysis and bench-marking