Krownprince Konsulting offers comprehensive Training & Development programmes, specialising in multiple disciplines and covering all primary areas, such as Employees, Management, and Executive Level. What sets us apart from other firms is our thorough understanding of an organization’s essential core areas and how they work together to enhance and improve a company’s overall performance. Whether your need is employee motivation, management or leadership development, marketing initiatives, sales programs, or customer service, we know where to start and what questions to ask to design and customise the program to your specific needs.


At Krownprince Konsulting, we are experts at making training effective, entertaining, memorable, and connected to real-world issues. We combine deep expertise, industry-specific market research, and media savvy to give you a high-impact experience that goes beyond best practices. Our programs are high-energy, interactive, and focused on providing tools your employees can use right away.


We run three types of Training Programs, namely:

  • Open Programmes: Open to interested individuals from several organisations.
  • Sponsorship Programmes: Require organisations to send a minimum of 5 – 10 delegates to the programme. The sponsors provide the critical numbers which guarantee that the course 
will run and in return earn substantial discount, which drastically reduces cost for them.
  • In-house Programs: These are dedicated programs specially designed for a particular organisation at a fee. Our in-house programmes are not only tailored to your needs but cost saving, convenient and offer choice of location anywhere in the world.


Training Programmes:


  • Mastering Leadership
  • Mastering People Management & Team Leadership
  • Leadership, Critical thinking and Innovation: Igniting Creativity for Workplace Excellence
  • Leadership, Communications & Interpersonal Skills: Leadership through Self-Mastery
  • Advanced Supervisory Skills In the New Age
  • Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organisations
  • Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • The Strategic Leader: Strategic Planning, Negotiation and Conflict Management



  • Public Information Management
  • Development Administration & Regional Integration
  • Safety Operations & Procedures in the Workplace
  • French Language Appreciation Course for Public Service
  • Operations Management
  • PPP Optimisation in Africa
  • Fleet Management
  • Data, Records, Information Management & Control
  • Effective Purchasing and Contract Negotiation Skills
  • Social Media Dynamics for Public Service
  • Competence Development Masterclass for Secretaries and Administrators
  • High Impact Powerpoint Presentation Skills for Managers
  • Mastering Spreadsheets & Excel Strategies
  • Effective Service Delivery for 21st Century Public Officers
  • Supply Chain Management



  • Basics of Human Resources Management
  • Employee Relations, Engagement & Retention Strategies
  • Finance and Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries
  • Human Resources Development & Personnel Management
  • Basic Train-The-Trainers
  • Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline
  • Interview Skills



  • Brand Development & Management
  • Language & Communication Tools for Regional Integration
  • Protocol & Event Management
  • The Art of Advanced Communication, Persuasion and Influencing
  • Planning & Managing Effective PR Campaigns
  • Fundamentals of Creating Outstanding Campaigns
  • Creativity in Marketing Communications
  • Public Communications Management
  • Masterful Communication: The Art of Advanced Communication, Persuasion and Influencing
  • Communication at Work
  • Communication Plan Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Workplace Communication
  • Corporate Communication and Media Training
  • Conflict Management: From Turmoil to Trust
  • Corporate Communication Workshop
  • Conflict Management Fundamentals: Fight Nice!



  • Effective Project Coordination and Management
  • Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction
  • Performance Management: Setting Objectives and KPIs
  • Project Risk Management & Compliance
  • Advanced Health & Safety Management
  • Priority Management
  • Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Modern Management Skills for Executive Administrative Assistants
  • Project Analysis: Tools & Techniques for Managing Risk & Uncertainty
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • Advanced Health & Safety Management
  • Finance and Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries
  • Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution: Contamination & Hazardous Waste – Management & Prevention
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management



  • Effective Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Optimising Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Decisions
  • Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices: Lowering Life Cycle Cost of Equipment
  • Modern Maintenance Technologies: Challenging Traditional Approaches in Maintenance
  • Optimising Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Decisions



  • Beyond Customer Service: Service Quality and Excellence
  • Managing to Excel
  • Achieving Excellence in Customer Service
  • Mastering Sales & Marketing in the Age of New Social Media
  • Business Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Modern Management Skils for Executive Administrative Assistants
  • Customer Profiling Techniques and Procedures