Mastering Community Outreach Campaigns & Event Management

The dynamics of an ever-changing world make it imperative for campaigns and events to be deconstructed locally while maintaining its global appeal and standard. It is in this light that the mastery and management of outreach and campaign events have become synonymous with the overall realisation of organisational objectives.


Seminar Overview

This seminar is a must for Organisations aiming to expand the frontiers of their events as part of their Public Relations and outreach activities. The face-to-face communication opportunities created by events provide people with the most powerful of opportunities to influence their colleagues, stakeholders and audience. Smooth well-run events reflect well on any organisation building its reputation and standing.

The seminar is also important to organisations aiming to employ Outreach Campaigns as part of their community engagement strategy and operation. Sustained community outreach campaigns can help drive strategic organisational change, build public perceptions and drive reputation with key stakeholders. Well-planned and executed campaigns are a cost-effective means of changing perceptions and increasing stakeholder value for an organisation.

This seminar also provides a comprehensive grounding in all the basics of event management allowing participants to effectively organise their own events or more closely manage contractors organising events for them. Our philosophy with trainings is based on gaining practical media techniques, which arise from the Participants’ professional environment. To enable this approach, groups are generally limited to 6-10 people per Trainer, and our Trainers are all Specialists in their area, with deep knowledge of the socio-political environments and the working conditions of the participants.

Key highlights of the seminar are:

  • What events can do for your PR and organisational strategy
  • Fundamentals of Community Outreach Campaign
  • Strategic and effective Outreach Campaigns
  • Scheduling techniques to plan and deliver an event
  • Media Management and Ethics in Event Reportage
  • Practical hints and tips on venue choice, stage management and different types of dining
  • Managing the media at your events to multiply outcomes
  • Visualisations and online dynamics in Outreach Campaigns and Events



Learning Objectives

At the end of the seminar delegates will have an understanding of the theoretical and practical bases for the application of Community Outreach Campaigns and Events Management as part of their PR or organisational strategy.

  • Delegates will understand the nature and dynamics of Community Outreach Campaign and Events Management
  • Delegates will be able to schedule and plan an event
  • Delegates will comprehend the interplay of visuals and internet in outreach campaigning and events
  • Delegates will be familiar with a range of events they are likely to engage in and the requirements for their successful delivery
  • Delegates will be able to identify the most appropriate venues and activities for their events
  • Delegates will master the ethics of journalism and reportorial excellence
  • Delegates will be able to manage the media at their events with confidence
  • Delegates will be able to troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge.


Who Should Attend?

This seminar is relevant to anyone likely to have responsibility for the delivery of events for their organisation but new to the concepts and practicalities of this facet of corporate and communal communications.

  • Middle and senior staff tasked with the direct delivery of campaigns and events or oversight of specialist sub-contractors
  • Operational staff with responsibility for engaging teams whose role includes event management and campaign planning
  • Staff with responsibility for the strategic use of events as part of the organisation’s PR and community outreach campaign and their effective deployment
  • Information Officers
  • Events Planners

Apply Now

The maximum number of participants for this seminar is 15. This is with a view to ensuring good and interactive learning experience for each participant.


Registration formalities can be made by sending a mail to:

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Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, costs and visa.

Krownprince Konsulting will provide an invitation letter for participants that need it.

Payment deadlines will be communicated to registered and sponsored participants.